TV shows

How to train your dragon meets Nausicaa
"The cloudrider"

Celia, an impulsive 17-year-old, wants to be the first female cloud rider, against the wishes of her conservative family and of her teammate and mentor, Nephos, the oldest and most unwilling, grumpy and mysogynistic cloud of all. They have to learn to be a team because they’re the only ones who can put an end to the political corruption and the ecological contamination that are endangering their world.

Think How to train your dragon meets Nausicaa.

Half-hour animated comedy 
Jessie meets Wizards of Waverly Place 

The typical family of five, two parents and three children, and their struggle and joys through work, school, love, dinner and walking the… dragon. In a town of sorcerers, a little boy is born without magical powers and he has to deal with his sisters burning each other’s hair, the dragon humming and puffing in the street and his flying-to-the-moon trips at school. Thanks to his creativity and perseverance, he will become the town hero.

Think Jessie meets Wizards of Waverly Place.

Half-hour sitcom
Girls meets The L word
"Chain of fools"

A business lawyer gets dragged into the LGBT world after admitting to his right-wing family and fiancee that he likes to dress as a woman. This will force him to broaden his horizons and to defend his new beliefs into his machistic, homophobical and money-oriented world.

Think Girls meets The L word.

1-hour drama
Mr Robot meets Black Mirror
"Light my fire"

An army of troublemakers destroys all the main symbols of our society in order to create a new world. They broadcast sex tapes of all the main presidents and dictators, tag the Taj Mahal and the White House, kill the man who carries the Olympic torch, live. The fight begins between these violent idealists and a group of international superskilled agents who have to stop them.

Think Mr Robot meets Black Mirror.