I spend a third of my life watching television series. They are the most extraordinary medium to learn about people and develop core empathy. Many talk about befriending imaginary characters as if it were absurd, but I consider it the most natural and heartwarming fact. It underlines and reinforces our most essential quality to live a happy, peaceful life: the capacity to relate to others, root for others, and the instinct to defend others. Better than features, also, series have enough room to breathe that they can reveal different parts about each character slowly over time; in that sense, they show us that no one is reductible to what they seem on a first impression, or a second, or a third. They are a testimony of the complexity of each individual you will come across during your life.


Chain of Fools

A business lawyer gets dragged into the LGBT world after admitting to his right-wing family and fiancee that he likes to dress as a woman. This will force him to broaden his horizons and to defend his new beliefs into his sexist, homophobic, and money-oriented world.