short films

Animated adventure
A child saves a whale's life by carrying her from his town's lake to the ocean.
"Sergio y la ballena"

The day Sergio discovers a whale in the lake of his heavenly town, he has to step up and become a brave explorer like his parents used to be. Complicated algebra, stealing an air balloon and a mysterious childhood song: all dots of the quest to take the whale back into the ocean.

Fantasy drama
How to find beauty in yourself and in others.
"I am a lighthouse"

Isabella is a fifty-year-old divorcee.  She sits alone on a beach, wrapping herself in strings of light, crowning herself queen, until a fortune teller guides her to the ocean, where she is reborn.

I am lighthouse is a short I wrote for Tatiana Mizgunova, a Russian filmmaker. She shot it in Los Angeles in 2016.

Coming-of-age drama
How to overcome the fear of death.
"Paper boats"

Jayden is a 12-year-old boy who’s afraid of losing the one person who cares about him: his old next-door neighbor. That same man will teach him patiently to let go of his fear and live in the moment.

Paper Boats is a short film I wrote while studying at the New York Film Academy in 2014. It was directed by Caroline M. Stucky and produced by David Borens.
You can download the script, watch the trailer, and view it fully in VOD on Dailymotion.

Love is about accepting the other for what he/she is.
"The voyage out"

A man about to kill himself receives the visit of a religious woman. As she tries to convince him not to die, they fall in love.

I wrote, directed and edited this short that you can see on Vimeo. You may read the screenplay here.

Coming-of-age war drama
How to survive in a chaotic war-driven world.
"Les Trouffions"

A young man is called to war but doesn’t want to go: in a ruined and totalitarian France, he knows leaving for the army means certain death. With the help of his two best friends, he thinks of a plan to survive.

This short, based on an original idea by Manon Messiant, was directed by her in Dunkirk, in the north of France.

Black-comedy drama
Being happy or being right
"Todo mal"

Laura, a free-spirited control-freak, has invited her ex and his new girlfriend to have dinner at her place, where she lives with her clumsy and caring boyfriend Thomas. The competition between the two exes creates increasing tension, leading to utter pain and destruction.

This short was shot in Buenos Aires by the Colombian filmmaker Carlos Florez in 2016.

Dramatic comedy
Minuscule stories of the daily life in Buenos Aires.

While some struggle with the phobia of clowns, others buy bicycles to turn their life around, give flowers to complete strangers and commit to long-term relationships.

Crime, noir
Three people on a train, the heat, one murder.
"Le Train"

A woman and two men in a train: a husband and a lover. The tension, the anger, the mystery, all grow with the heat of French summers in the countryside. Who will snap?

This short is based on the filmmaker Sami Boccara’s original idea.