Psychological thriller
Alice in Wonderland meets Sade's Justine

A megalomaniac teacher kidnaps a man and woman to turn them into the Adam and Eve of a new and free era.

Think Alice in Wonderland meets Sade’s Justine.

Family drama
Festen meets August: Osage County
"In Memoriam"

What happens to a family when one of the children dies? How do they cope? Does it destroy them? Does it set them one against the other?

I’ve taken a family tragedy and wrote about how a family dinner twenty years later can still be filled with ghosts.

Think Festen meets August: Osage County.

Psychological thriller 
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind meets Inception"Heartel"

I’m working on my second novel. Like the first one, it is a psychological thriller. This time,  it’s two lovers in a skyscrapers town. They break the rules and dare to love, share memories, explore each other’s psyche.

What they understand through their journey is that there’s a living, breathing, pregnant person whose dream they’re in, and that it is up to them to give her hope and wake her hope. If they fail, she will die, and so will they.

In the maze of her dreamy brain, they will look for God and for the secret desires and joys that their dreamer must have hidden somewhere.

Coming-of age story
It's kind of a funny story meets The perks of being a wallflower 
"The Homewrecker"

A young teenager doesn’t find his way inside the everyday life, the poorly chosen words and what’s on television. He wants to be a soldier, to fight for something better – one of his battles is rewriting the dictionary. The only person that might let him breathe and just be is the pretty girl waiting on the beach.