Photo by Mexican artist Carmen Mariscal


I am a 24-year-old screenwriter. I grew up in Paris, cared for by my Mexican Catholic mother and my French Jewish father. I’ve always been breathing, dreaming and writing both in French and Spanish. I was also immersed in the American pop culture from the youngest age: my very first best friends were Simba and Pocahontas.

They later were joined by Hollywood romcoms, the fantasy worlds of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, the quirky and lovable characters in Juno, Little Miss Sunshine as well as in the films by Charlie Chaplin and Woody Allen, and finally by the sci-fi masterpierces of the Wachowskis and Christopher Nolan. I’ve been polishing my writing and reading through my screenwriting masters at the New York Film Academy, as well as through the hours reading over and over, from the other side of the Atlantic, novels by  Philip Pullman, Jane Austen and CS Lewis.

These novels have nourished my passion for the fantasy genre and the hero’s journey. I keep finding that magic in animated and mixed media productions: I particularly admire the works of Eric Goldberg, Andrew Stanton, Mark Osborne, Hayao Miyazaki, Michel Ocelot, Tim Burton, Tomm Moore, Tomi Ungerer and Guillermo del Toro.

In order to join the ranks of my favorite screenwriters, I have spent the last seven years actively learning about the different aspects of filmmaking. The objective isn’t to be hired as a production design or editor later on but rather to improve my writing through the understanding of the whole process. Here are the hats I’ve worn so far:

  • Screenwriting. I’ve written shorts that were filmed and screened. I am also working on features and TV shows, mostly in English, but also in Spanish and French.
  • Coverage. I pitched more than a hundred submissions to the director of development of a Paris-based production company, Scarlett Productions. I also did coverage of literary manuscripts both in French and Spanish for senior publishers at the major French publishing house Gallimard.
  • Producing. I interned and then worked as a junior producer  in Tronco, an animation company based in Buenos Aires. There, I mainly worked in preproduction: I dealt with schedules, budgets, creative proposals and pitches. During production, I managed a team of animators, writers, directors. I was also involved in the postproduction and  sending our contents both to festivals and to Tronco’s partners in the US.
  • Editing. I have edited three short films. I have also been an editor-on-set for a cooking show in Argentina.
  • Production design. I created an office environment for the purpose of a school short film.
  • Translating. I translated a short film written by Jorge Laplace, a Goya-winner Spanish screenwriter and filmmaker, from Spanish to English. I also translated a play by Denise Despeyroux from Spanish to French.
  • Acting. I acted in a stop-motion short film, where I wandered, lonely, around Buenos Aires, dressed as Disney’s character Stitch (some scenes here). More recently, I was a secondary role in Battle for home, directed by Abdallah El-Daly.
  • Directing. I directed a short student film in New York.

As for academics, I got my BA in French literature from the Sorbonne, studied film and creative writing in Argentina for two years and am just finished my screenwriting Masters of Fine Arts in Los Angeles, where, within two years, we wrote three features, a TV show, a web series, a comic book and a video game proposal.

The skills that the people I worked with were the most satisfied with are my:

  • Intercultural skills: I can work on projects from different countries, languages and cultures, either in English, Spanish and/or French.
  • Agility: I can move easily from project to project, team to team, country to country, and adapt my writing to different targets.
  • Team and collaborative work: I love interacting with people and I do it with calm and empathy. I have co-written a feature in the past and we both learnt to let the ego behind in order to focus on improving the project.
  • Discipline and organization: I work on a schedule and a budget and I always finish on time.
  • Active listening: I’ve had a lot of meetings with clients about the script I was writing for them, both directors and producers, and it’s always gone smoothly: I take notes, think them over and try my best to integrate them into my work.
  • Method, consistency: I work well with the steps of synopsis, sequence list, beat sheet, treatment and script.
  • Fast first draft: I write the first draft extremely quickly so that we can work on something concrete and then refine the vision as a team, detail by detail.

My next step is all about immersing myself in a team of screenwriters to work on animated or mixed media features, preferably targetting those youngsters who crave the most magic, dragons and parallel worlds.

Isn’t it about time we told stories together? Contact me here.

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